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15th-Sep-2010 12:11 am - 10TH ANNIVERSARY PROJECT
beauty mika
Some years ago, Nana-Nana.net organised a fan-book full of letters/artworks from fans all around the world, which was given to Mika Nakashima when she attended the NANA 2's premiere in NEW YORK.

This year, it is Kumonoito.net's turn to make a big surprise to Mika.
For that, I'll need you to prepare something that you would like to send to Mika. It could be a letter, a drawing, lyrics, graphics, a picture of you holding one of Mika's CDs/photobook/etc ... Anything you would like! Of course, I'll have to be placed in a book, so no interactive medias are allowed.
Keep in mind that you have to be able to scan it. If you really can't then, drop me an email and I'll see with you what we can do to resolve the situation.

The rules :

- 200dpi minimum
- No interactive medias (song, video etc..)
- It must be written in English or Japanese. (if you need help to translate, you can post on the forums
- Mention your name either on the file itself or at least when you send it to me.

I'll take care of the overall design, but you can also submit your cover art version. We'll choose for the best one and the others will be published in the book as well!

The deadline : October 31st

Send your participations to : project@kumonoito.net or utena@kumonoito.net
28th-Aug-2010 02:27 pm - A few Mika CDs for Sale
singer | bice
I have the following Mika CDs available for direct sale.

I can take paypal or concealed cash/money orders.
I can ship to US or overseas.
Just comment here if interested.

• Sakura ~Hanagasumi~ 5 USD
• Stars 5 USD

• Candy Girl limited edition type-A with t-shirt 15 USD
* This is new condition. I only opened it once.
26th-Aug-2010 06:22 pm - NEW ALBUM : STAR (2010.10.27 OUT)
beauty mika
Mika Nakashima's brand new album has been announced at a few shops.
The title is "STAR" and will be released on October 27th!

CD ¥3,059 AICL-2190
CD DVD ¥3,500 AICL-2188/9
29th-May-2010 11:21 pm - [Sales] Nakashima Mika CDs for Sale
singer | bice
I have three Mika CDs for sale. Just comment if interested.
I can take paypal or concealed cash.
I can ship to US or overseas.

• No More Rules CD+DVD 30 USD
• Sakura ~Hanagasumi~ 5 USD
• Stars 5 USD
hi everybody im selling  some mika nakashima albums and singles. all of them are authentic japanese import .
 Mika Nakashima HITORI SINGLE Japanese import
 Mika Nakashima Hi No Tori Single Japanese import
 Mika Nakashima Aishiteru Single Japanese impoort
 Mika nakashima 中島美嘉 Love album japanese iport

for more pictures and prices please check
if you have any additional question or would like to order feel free to pm me
i ship from US anywhere in the world . i can combine shipping
i accept conceal cash money order and paypal

tsn/tgwtdt} stop & rebuild your ruins
♥x48 -- Merlin
♥x12;01 --
Maki Horikita (Kurosagi, Tokujou Kabachi!!); Tokyo Shounen poster
♥x12- Namie Amuro,
♥x13 --
Veronica Mars
&& o1 Mika Nakashima for KANEBO KATE wallpaper

kimi wa clever, oh I remember.. )
Hi, I recently translated lyrics for two of my favourite Mika Nakashima songs 'Candy Girl' and 'Smiley' if anyone was interested in taking a look. I love the lyrics for 'Smiley' especially, they're humourous but oh so true. Please let me know if there any mistakes!

Candy Girl

31st-Jan-2010 11:36 am - 3 Mika Icons

please CREDIT if used.
the rest are here.
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