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made by: thestarryskies
♥ Mika Nakashima ♥
The unofficial Mika Nakashima Community
10th-Feb-2011 07:49 pm
yucchi chain

Mika Nakashima is back with a brand new single called "Dear".
"Dear" will be used as the theme song of the 2011 movie Youkame no Semi featuring popular actress Mao Inoue.
The single will include a new version of A MIRACLE FOR YOU and two instrumentals and will be released on April 27th!

2011.04.27 release 
¥1.200 (TAX IN)

01. Dear
02. A MIRACLE FOR YOU<2011 New Recording>(仮)
03. Dear (Instrumental)
04. A MIRACLE FOR YOU (Instrumental)

source: kumonoito.net
10th-Feb-2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
it does sounds very beautiful and sad ! can't wait ;) and thanks for a post ne.
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