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Welcome and thanks for visiting Destiny's Lotus, the official LJ community for Mika Nakashima. Created back in 2004, here is where all Mika Nakshima fans unite to talk and share anything about our favorite female artist. By joining the community, you'll have access to graphics, downloads, news and all Mika Nakashima.

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Birthday : 9, Feb 1983 ( Wednesday )
Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Blood Type : A
Height : 160cm
Weight : 40kg

Bio : Mika always dreamed of becoming a singer as a child. She decided not to attend high school, and pursued her dream in a musical career instead. The very first demo-tape she sent to a record company had given her the chance. She was chosen out of 3000 girls, as the heroine of the 2001 fall season drama, "KIZUDARAKE NO LOVE SONG (Scarred Love Song)" of the Fuji TV station. In November, she made her sensational debut from Sony Music Associated Records, with the song "STARS", which was also the theme song of the drama. Her second single "CRESCENT MOON", a groovy track with an 80's flavor, was the limited product of 100,000 copies only. Amazingly, it sold out the first day of its release. In March of 2002 she released her third single "ONE SURVIVE" (which received great feedback) and her first video "FILM LOTUS", in May her 4th single "HELPLESS RAIN", in August her 5th single "WILL" was released, tying-up to the sales of over 200,000 and Top Ten hits. Her first album "TRUE" released in August 2002 was a #1 HIT in the Oricon charts. In only 3 weeks, "TRUE" became a million seller. Then as commemoration of one year since her debut, Mika released a Premium EP "Resistance", which hit the charts #1 spot two weeks in a row. On December 18, a documentary video "KISEKI the document of a start" was released.

Awards: Mika has won her a vivid public recognition and aroused the excitement in many listeners of her generation. It was not a surprise that 2002 was a great year for Mika as she received "New Artist of the Year" from THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD, "Best New Artist of the Year" from ALL JAPAN REQUEST AWARD 2002, and "New Artist of the Year" from THE 44th JAPANESE RECORD AWARD.

From: AnimeMusicSource.com
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